How do we make our bags?

Ever wonder how we make one of our stable seat belt bags?
Well now here’s a step by step overlook on how we make our unique upcycled bags:

1. Collect seat belts
First and foremost we have to collect the un-loved seat belts from local scrapyard that we’re going to recycle into a brand new bag.

2. Clean the seat belts
We hand wash (?) all the salvaged seat belts before production

3. Cut belts to length,e.g. Messenger bags needs 9 x 80 cm

4. Hand-sew each belt together in various colours

5. Attach the recycled buckle,lining,fastening

6. Sew bag into a messenger bag using an industrial sewing machine


The cat’s out the bag!
It’s not just our bags that are made in a super eco-friendly, upcycled way but all of our other products from our new dog bone toy to our seat belt key rings.

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Roll in the new season with the new fabulous bags!

Need to freshen your bag collection for the upcoming season of SPRING?
Don’t you fret, here’s only a sample of our new bags coming out in the beginning of April – exclusively available only at the Spring Fare! Don’t worry about feeling guilty for buying more bags since with Atlantic Blue Jersey we assure you that all of our products are passionately handmade with only the best, responsibly sourced materials.

These up-cycled bags are handsewn with donated boat roll cover material meaning not only are they nautically fashionable but are waterproof too!


Being waterproof, these bags are perfect for the beach!


Boat roll cover Zip Bags starting at only £7.00 each

Remember these are only a sample of our new range if you want to see more come to the Spring Fare and follow us on facebook and instagram for instant updates!


If you fancy locally made, quality products head over to Greve De Lecq on the 2nd/3rd of April. We’ll be there alongside our fellow Jersey Artisans with our handmade goods from 10am to 5pm.

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About Atlantic Blue

Kirsten Miller is a qualified seamstress, and in 1998 she founded Atlantic Blue, a design company focusing on one-off unique clothing, accessory and product designs. Atlantic Blue aims to produce distinctive designs using mainly recycled materials and natural fabrics.

Atlantic Blue has launched its very first range of handmade, up-cycled bags and accessories. Made from recycled seatbelts that would otherwise have been destroyed, the material is collected, cleaned and cut to size before being lovingly stitched together in Kirsten’s workshop in St Peter. With a wide range of different linings and coloured threads available, these bags can be personally tailored to your liking or that of a friend or loved one, and would make a truly original gift idea.

As innovative accessories go, these designs are eye catching with an industrial flair and the adjustable seatbelt straps and buckle fasteners mean the bags are both secure and practical as well as an on-trend statement piece. Every bag is made by hand, a one-off original and as Kirsten is keen to highlight, vegan friendly and completely sustainable with all materials sourced locally on the island by the designer herself.

With more interest in recycling and sustainable living than ever before, Atlantic Blue really showcase how fashion and up-cycling can be merged to create something both original, stylish and highly versatile. Suitable for any occasion, Kirsten’s designs can be used by men and women, in the workplace or on a city break, they will add originality to any outfit. With a range of different materials such as up-cycled sails and boat covers in the pipeline, the sky really is the limit.

Atlantic Blue is proud to be a member of Genuine Jersey, making a conscious decision to support both the local community and also reduce their carbon footprint. Traditional values are at the core of this eclectic and forward thinking company, with many more exciting products and designs on the way.

You can find out more about Atlantic Blue and our up-cycled designs by visiting the website or any of our social media sites.